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Services Provided

& Signage




Why Hire A Liquidation Consultant?

Hire A Liquidation ConsultantThe physical aspect of selling all the assets and inventory can be overwhelming, but the true challenge is maximizing the recovery of those items. This takes experience and know how, from years of closing a variety of stores.

Knowing the time of year, traffic counts, departments to beef up, where and how to advertise, what to watch out for, current rates on certain assets, comparing you with similar stores for sales patterns are all elements of a successful recovery.

Setting up and sticking to a closing budget for payroll, advertising and expense control through your liquidation becomes just as important when factoring in the overall recovery.

Even though Retail Consulting Services could never guarantee a return on recovery, its track record is averaging 115% of gross recovery.

You have only one chance to open correctly, and only one chance to close correctly.”

One of the key differences that sets our company apart from the others is we provide a project manager on-sight 6 days a week for the duration of the sale. This project manager will not only advise you on all aspects of the store closing procedures, but will also assist in directing your personnel.

From security issues to employee scheduling there is a wide variety of areas in which we offer our expertise.

We know that the decision to close a store can be and most times is very sensitive and  emotional for the store owners. Because of this situation, we recommend that the owner step back and let the consultant take the blunt of the store closing pressure.

Whether the owner is involved 100% or 10% of the store closing, we (Closing Consultant) are there to help you and your employees get thru this emotional time.  We have a saying in liquidation sales, “when it’s gone (inventory) we are gone”. When we close to the public for the last day, we will have all the merchandise sold, fixtures sold and picked up, and the building swept clean.  We all go home!!!!


Services Provided

  • Project Manager

  • Signage

  • Coordinate Print & Electronic Media

  • Press Release

  • Advertising Budget

  • Weekly Ad Layouts

  • Truck Sales & Customer Count

  • Supervise & Condense Inventory

  • Work with owners, accounts payable and accounts receivable

  • Work with vendors, banks & SBA where applicable

  • Set up store notification meeting

  • Tag & Track Fixtures

  • Final Checklist for store closing and vacating premises

  • Working with any security issues

  • Research and develop the customer letter for direct mail

  • Work with store owner on closing expenses and guidelines

  • Work with manage or store owner on closing work schedule

Each store has a unique set of circumstances which may cause us to modify some of our services and/ or provide additional services.